CrowdControl scores $2M to improve crowdsourcing with AI

CrowdControl, which launched in November with the goal of improving the accuracy of crowdsourcing projects by analyzing results against a set of artificial intelligence techniques, has raised $2 million from Greycroft Partners and RTP Ventures.

Skytree intros machine learning for the masses

Big data startup Skytree emerged from stealth mode on Thursday with a product that is designed to democratize the science of machine learning while improving significantly on the speed and scale of existing options. Skytree has raised $1.5 million from Javelin Venture Partners.

Uberpaper aims to kill the echo chamber of social news

Personalized algorithms and social recommendations are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to getting news, these technologies can create an echo chamber, where our existing beliefs are reflected back to us. Uberpaper, a new site from Dmitry Shapiro, wants to combat that.

Spread the word: Math is the new sexiness in IT

If big data does indeed write the screenplay for the movie about the next generation of business, the climax will be that mathematicians take the prom queen home. If students want high-paying jobs with the coolest companies around, they’d better heed that prediction.

Can Adding Staff Curators Help Digg Recover?

Digg hasn’t had an easy time of it over the past few months, with a major redesign that many users disliked, and a new CEO. Now the site is using human editors to recommend links, but will that help it recover its lost glory?