New iMac Drives Not Meant to Be Replaced, And I Hate It

Don’t replace the hard drive in your new 2011 iMac(s aapl), or the fans will scream like a banshee as they spin up to full-speed and the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) will fail. It’s the latest sign that Apple is against user meddling, and it sucks.

27-inch iMac Review: Big Screen, and the Muscle to Master It

As demonstrated in my video unboxing and hands-on last week, I’ve purchased the most recently updated 27-inch iMac. I’ve been using it as my primary machine, for work and for play, for about a week now, and I’ll never look back.

Ideas For Repurposing Your Old iMac

If you’re looking for a way to use your existing iMac, in an effort to justify purchasing a new one, look no further than the bare spot on your wall. It all starts with Apple’s VESA Mount Adapter Kit or the third-party iMac Wall Mount.

The New iMac: Keeping Up With the Joneses


Well, those late rumors of updated iMacs and Mac minis coming today proved to be true. The Apple Store went down for a while this morning, and when it came back, refreshed versions of all of Apple’s (s aapl) desktops, including the Mac Pro, had appeared.

Even though I just made an iMac purchase last year, and will be buying one of the new Mac minis, the iMac refresh does make the machine very appealing, even if there are very few surprises in the changes to the computer.

Not least among the iMac’s improvements is a lower price point for the entry-level model boasting the larger, 24-inch screen. The new price for that starts at $1,499, which is the same price point occupied by the older, premium 20-inch just yesterday. Read More about The New iMac: Keeping Up With the Joneses