Network TV’s house of cards

Apart from the loss of viewers, traditional TV networks are also losing their monopoly on A-list creative talent. On Thursday, Amazon formally announced it was beginning production on the first six pilot episodes for a series of web-based sitcoms it plans to launch on Amazon Prime Video. The fledgling shows boast writing talent from The Daily Show, The Onion and The Big Bang, as well as Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau.

DramaFever gets backed by Bertelsmann, AMC & NALA

DramaFever is quickly becoming one of the hottest video services for foreign niche content: The Korean drama service just announced some additional backing from Bertelsmann, AMC and NALA. The company wants to use the money to take on telenovelas and venture into Europe.

Machinima is YouTube’s content king

Machinima is rocking it on YouTube: The video game content publisher clocked close to 350 million domestic video views in January alone. That’s more than all the views of the next seven biggest publishers combined. Worldwide, Machinima had 1.3 billion YouTube views in January.

Machinima’s secret to original drama is its audience

The most notable thing about gamer-focused web video network Machinima isn’t its 1.3 billion monthly video views and 149 million uniques. It’s this — getting people to watch drama online, by making sure its drama series will directly appeal to its audience.

Machinima Experiments With Long Tail Live Stream Event

The guys at just got done proving their l33t status, thanks to an epic live-streamed gaming marathon that lasted over three weeks. But the real purpose of the Call of Duty challenge was to see if an epic live event might have potential for advertisers.

Fox Orders First Machinima Comedy Pilot Heel

Roger Ebert might not think they’re art, but the value of video games as a storytelling medium is growing indisputable, especially since the rise of the machinima process — which Fox Broadcasting is now taking a swing at.
Fox (s NWS) has ordered a pilot presentation of the Reveille/ project Heel, which a release describes as “a love story between a man and his sociopathic dog.” The premise seems like one that would fit right in with Seth McFarlane’s animated comedy empire, though writer Chris Cluess has no Family Guy credits to his name — just Mad TV, Night Court, Cheers, SC TV and the 1991 Simpsons video game. (Not too shabby.) Read More about Fox Orders First Machinima Comedy Pilot Heel