Chef Alton Brown on adapting the recipe to the social media age

In a digital world, the recipe has transformed from a static set of instructions into a kind of open-source code which any cook and adjust or reformulate. Food Network’s Alton Brown proposes to embrace that trend to create a form of living recipe.

Cupcakes! Food Network builds an interactive cookbook

Food Network’s digital strategy has always been fairly straightforward: to supplement its cable TV content and promote its on-air talent. Consequently its Website, its social media efforts and its mobile apps are all linked to its programming. But this week Food Network deviated from that strategy.

Why it’s impossible to build a digital recipe library

When you find that perfect recipe on the web, you want to hold on to it. We tested several recipe apps with the aim of creating a digital library of culinary masterpieces. But we discovered that while recipe aggregation tools are useful, they still fall short.