Why Louis CK and Amanda Palmer are the future of content

Comedian Louis CK, who made $1 million selling downloads of a show through his website, has sold $4.5-million in tickets to a new tour in 48 hours. He and musician Amanda Palmer show that for content creators, building a community is more important than ever.

Publishing is no longer a job or an industry — it’s a button

As author Clay Shirky points out, the simple act of publishing something — whether it’s a book or a news article — doesn’t require an industry any more, just a button. So what do the traditional content-publishing industries do now to justify their continued existence?

Godin to authors: You have no right to make money any more

New tools like the Kindle have led to an explosion of self-published books, but that has meant more competition for existing authors. How do they make money now? Writer Seth Godin says they first have to give up the idea that they deserve to be paid.

Balance of power continues to shift in the e-book wars

In the latest sign of the disruption of the book-publishing business, John Locke — who earlier this year became the first self-published author to sell a million e-books — has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster that shows how the industry is having to adapt.

Book industry balance continues to tilt towards the author

John Green, whose book for young adults hit the number one spot this week before he was even finished writing it, is the latest example of an author whose use of social media and the web has given him tremendous power within the publishing industry.

Future of media: The rise of the million-selling Kindle author

Author John Locke has become the new poster boy for self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle platform by selling more than a million copies of his e-books. Along with fellow author Amanda Hocking, he is leading a wave of self-publishers who are looking to bypass the traditional industry.