Amazon’s cloud music service gets iTunes-like match feature

Amazon just updated its cloud player with a scan and match feature that makes it possible to instantly beam songs to the cloud without uploading every single song. The feature mirrors Appleā€™s offering, but comes with new restrictions for existing Amazon cloud music users.

This is how you should buy music online

With Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player and iCloud, there has never been an easier — or more confusing — time to buy music. Avowed music geek Dan Kantor of exfm tells you everything you need to know about how (and where) you should buy your music online.

No more iTunes Match streaming in iOS 5 beta 7

With the release of iOS 5 beta 7 for Apple’s mobile devices, the company has turned off streaming in iTunes Match. People can still listen to music as it downloads, but it will remain on the device. Is the change likely to affect the product’s appeal?