This Saturday you can watch all of Transparent free on Amazon

Not having access to award-winning TV is certainly nothing new for cord-cutters, but now the debate’s being flipped: When Amazon’s original series Transparent won the Golden Globe awards for best comedy and best actor, there was some discussion of how the masses could see the show, since it’s only available on Amazon, to Prime members.

But here’s something a cable network would probably never do: On Saturday Amazon is making all of the episodes of Transparent free for viewing by all, just for that one day. In addition, in case you don’t have time to binge-watch the 10 episodes, [company]Amazon[/company] is putting Prime on sale that day for $72 (down from the normal $99), though it appears the offer is only available to new members. Amazon’s relying on you getting so hooked by episode 2 that you will have signed up for Prime by episode 4.

You can watch the show at or on the Amazon Instant Video app.

Amazon Prime Instant gets unofficial Chromecast support with Primecast

Amazon Prime Instant is coming to Chromecast at last, thanks to two third-party developers: Amazon’s video streaming service doesn’t officially support Chromecast, but two German developers just released Primecast, a new Android app that promises to bring Prime Instant to Chromecast for a one-time fee of $2.99. It’s probably a good thing that the app is not more expensive: The duo argues that Primecast isn’t violating Amazon’s Terms of Service, but there is always a chance that Amazon could disagree.

The best holiday yule logs for cord cutters

Hey cord cutters! Are you searching for a holiday yule log to brighten your Christmas morning and maybe warm up your New Year’s Eve? I checked out the options and wish I could get these in 4K.

Amazon wants to remove middlemen from streaming TV, too

Amazon doesn’t like middlemen. With Amazon Publishing, the company signs authors up directly to write books. Now the company is searching for more content creators. Amazon Studios is inviting creators to submit proposals for original shows.

How Wal-Mart could move ahead in the cloud-based storage race

Wal-Mart is looking to use its leverage in Hollywood to accelerate the movie industry’s move to cloud-based storage and digital commerce. In the process, it could steal a march on other providers of cloud-based media lockers like Apple, Google and Amazon, whose platforms to date are geared largely around music storage, by establishing itself as the first video-based cloud media service.