My thoughts on 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, 2012 edition

Tablets (or any gadget) are supposed to be our companions for a long time. And in order to review them, you really have to live with them. So, after using the new Kindle Fire for about three days, all I can offer are my early impressions.

The slow rise of the SoMoClo OS

Even at first glance, one can see that Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion, is unifying the user experience across its different devices and platforms. But it is a step in the right direction for what the OS for the Internet Age should be.

Now sync your own videos to the Kindle Fire with Miro

There will be millions of new Kindle Fire owners unwrapping the tablets over the holidays. Amazon wants users to buy movies and TV shows on the Kindle Fire, but those who want to transfer their own videos to the device can now do so with Miro.

OnLive brings cloud-based gaming to phones & tablets

OnLive is taking another big step in its evolution, with the launch of apps for mobile phones and handsets to make any device a gaming device. Users can now play high-quality games on devices with a fraction of the processing power included in high-end gaming PCs.

MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 253: Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet

This week’s audio podcast is all about the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet: our likes, dislikes, tweaks and who should (or shouldn’t buy) one of the two new low-priced e-reading tablets. Plus: a secret on how Amazon built their interface atop Google Android!

Unboxing: Amazon Kindle Fire

The highly anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire arrived in our offices on Monday, and here we unbox it and take our first look. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first foray into tablets after proving it knows a thing or two about e-book readers.

Thanks to iPad, tablets outsell netbooks nearly 2 to 1

Tablets are doing well compared to at least one device they seem perfectly poised to replace. According to a new study by ABI Research, led by the iPad, tablet devices are now outselling netbooks by a ratio of almost two to one.

Why Silk won’t be silky smooth for Amazon

Mathew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, a hosted proxy service provider, believes Amazon will continue to face “technical, legal, and privacy concerns with Silk.” He points out that similar attempts in the past have not been very successful, even for Google.