Ads on Kindle Fire HD tablets: Bad news or just business?

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD tablets are impressive and aggressively priced, but unlike prior Kindles, you can’t pay extra to turn off the special offer ads. Business models are clearly changing to reflect the new digital economy, but has Amazon gone too far this time?

How the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight glows: Science!

Back in April, Barnes & Noble one-upped Amazon by introducing the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, taking e-ink reading out of the dark. So how did Barnes & Noble get light evenly across the display? It’s not just technology magic, but science that makes it work.

Comparing Zinio, Kindle and Newsstand apps for iPad magazine reading

While the iPad has solved the problem of too many paper magazines accumulating in my office, it has created another problem — me spending way too much on impulse magazine purchases. Here are my experiences with Zinio, the Amazon Kindle app and Apple’s Newsstand.

Why it makes sense for Amazon to open its own stores

Amazon is reportedly preparing to dip its toes into the brick-and-mortar retail market with its first boutique test store in the Seattle area. The move, which could face a lot of challenges, makes sense as Amazon extends its buying experience to retail stores.