American Booksellers Association president slams Obama for Amazon jobs speech
American Booksellers Association president Oren Teicher joined the chorus of booksellers and other publishing industry figures criticizing Obama for giving a jobs speech on Tuesday at Amazon’s (s AMZN) Chattanooga, Tenn. warehouse. “For more than a decade now, Amazon has flouted sales tax laws in an effort to maintain a competitive advantage over Main Street businesses,” Teicher wrote.

Kobo replaces Google in ebooks deal with indie bookstores

Ebook company Kobo has signed a deal with the American Booksellers Association to allow indie bookstores to sell Kobo ebooks through their websites and stores. The new partnership replaces the ABA’s deal with Google, which had been set to end in January.

DOJ compares Apple and publishers to big oil in ebooks case

In a filing late Wednesday in response to Apple and book publishers, the Department of Justice reiterates its claim that agency pricing and the alleged conspiracy have resulted in “unmistakable consumer harm,” but refuses to release its ebook pricing analysis.

Booksellers, Barnes & Noble to weigh in on Apple ebooks case

The American Booksellers Association and Barnes & Noble say the DOJ’s proposed ebook pricing settlement is so harmful to booksellers and consumers that they want to file their own brief in the case. Presiding Judge Denise L. Cote has said they may do so by August 15.

Google: No more e-books for indie booksellers

Google is reportedly ending its program that allows independent booksellers to sell Google e-books through their websites. Below is the full letter that the American Booksellers Association sent to members announcing the news.