American Express’ Serve digital wallet now serving Verizon devices

American Express’ Serve digital wallet is on a roll lining up carrier partners. Verizon announced Monday that it will support Serve payments on many Verizon smartphones and tablets in the coming months, allowing people to pay for online and offline goods by entering their phone number.

American Express flexes its muscles in local deals market

American Express, a 162-year-old financial services company, is marshaling its vast resources in pretty impressive ways to create what could be one of the strongest offerings in the local commerce space. The company said it’s just getting started with partnerships with Facebook, Foursquare and SCVNGR.

Credit card companies sign-up & back operator NFC platform

Isis, the carrier led near NFC mobile payment platform, revamped its approach this spring in favor of a more open system that invited credit card companies to join its digital wallet. Today, Isis announced that it’s signed up Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as partners.

American Express delivers deals via Facebook’s social graph

American Express is showing it has designs on being a big player in the daily deal market. The company is introducing a new social platform called Link, Like, Love, that will bring American Express deals to Facebook users through their social graph.