Foursquare looks to AmEx to further loyalty program ambitions

Foursquare is going national with a partnership with American Express that will enable its members to redeem location-based deals by swiping their credit card. But the company faces challenges in proving that it can compete in the local commerce space.

Credit Card Cos: Who’s Doing What in Mobile Payments?

Visa’s investment in Square is the latest move by big credit card companies to better position themselves for the coming mobile payments boom. The companies need to stay active in this market or risk being bypassed. We look at the efforts of the big three.

Will Apps Become the New Wallet?

It’s pretty clear mobile payments and the idea of delivering payment capabilities as an app are finally hitting their stride, but amid the details of how we’ll pay for things online, what it will mean for our relationship to money and our relationships with retailers?

Lindsay Campbell’s Next Act: Branded Entertainment

Lindsay Campbell, one of the early faces of web video as the host of Wallstrip, which was bought by CBS (s CBS) in 2007 for $4 million, is back on the PC screen today with a new show, Small Business Rules for Next New Networks.
smallbusinessrulesThe show is branded entertainment for American Express and will be distributed on the company’s “Open Forum Idea Hub” site. In a departure for Next New Networks, episodes won’t be posted on YouTube (s GOOG), with the thinking that the content is designed for small business owners coming directly to the American Express microsite, rather than random passerby video surfers. Each episode aims to provide a specific “rule” from a profitable or otherwise successful small business from around the country, including Thrillist, CafeMom, Etsy and the Myriad Restaurant Group. One to two new installments are scheduled to come out each week through the fall.
Given Campbell has been largely off the radar since her CBS web show Moblogic was canceled, we checked in with her today. She and the original Wallstrip producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks have all left CBS at this point, and formed their own digital studio Bright Red Pixels earlier this year. However, Elend and Marks continue to work out of the CBS offices in New York through an overhead deal with the network. Though Campbell said her heart is in web content — with Small Business Rules and an upcoming branded show for CBS her main projects right now — she’s currently out on “sabbatical” in Los Angeles shooting television commercials, which has the side benefit of keeping her health insurance current through the Screen Actors Guild.
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