Where To Watch the 33rd America’s Cup Online

UPDATED Turns out D.C. isn’t the only place shut down by really bad weather this week: The 33rd America’s Cup, which was supposed to start on Monday in Valencia, has been delayed for the second time now due to “unsettling weather,” according to the Cup’s website. That’s bad news for the participating teams, who were previously told that they could hit the sea today, but it may be a welcome delay for sailing fans who want to catch the action online in real time.

YouTube will stream the America’s Cup live on its website, starting on Friday at 10 am local time (1am PST, 4am EST) in the first of a total of three races between the Société Nautique de Genève and the U.S.-based Golden Gate Yacht Club. The Swiss team currently holds the championship title in what is considered to be the oldest active trophy in international sport, and it hopes to defend it with a boat “boasting a mast as tall as a 17-story building,” according to YouTube’s blog post about the race. How can the U.S. beat that? I’m glad you asked: With “a rigid wing sail based on aerospace technology” of course.

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