PlugShare: A Mobile App for Friendly Electric Car Charging

Would you let a random electric car driver plug into a spare outlet at your home? That’s the idea behind a mobile app called PlugShare that’s launching Monday from Stanford alum founders and an advisory board that counts PayPal and Slide founder Max Levchin.

Amprius Raises $25M: Better Li-ion Batteries on the Way?

Stanford University spinout Amprius has landed $25 million from investors, including Kleiner Perkins and Chinese firms IPV Capital and Qian Neng Fund, to bring its silicon nanowire lithium-ion battery anode technology to commercial production, most likely for consumer electronics batteries.

Amprius: Building a Better Battery, from the Anode Up

Lithium ion battery Amprius tells us that it has demonstrated in the lab the basic recipe for a much higher energy density battery that can tolerate the hundreds of charge cycles needed for long-lasting electronic devices. Up next, batteries for electric vehicles.