VCs still funding next-gen biofuel companies

Despite continued struggles for next-gen biofuel makers, VCs are still putting money into startups, particularly when it comes to follow-on rounds. EdeniQ announced that it has raised another round of more than $30 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and The Westly Group.

Amyris shores up company with $84M

Biochemical company Amyris announced on Monday that it has secured $84 million in funding to help it shore up its business and continue to try to scale up its technology. The company went public back in Fall 2010.

The state of biofuels and the public markets

Biofuel and biochemical companies continue to file to go public. But the reality is that the stocks of most of the publicly-traded biochemical and biofuel companies have suffered this year. Here’s the latest on the biofuel firms’ earnings from last week and stock prices.

Bill Joy aims for early failures and bigger impacts

When an investor or entrepreneur makes high-risk bets on early stage companies, failure is always part of the equation. For Kleiner Perkin’s Bill Joy he says more of the early-stage greentech startups he invests in with fail early, but can turn into something more meaningful.

Khosla raises over $1B for fourth fund

It’s official. Khosla Ventures, the firm of influential venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, has raised its $1.05 billion fourth fund and will still continue to invest as much money as it previously has done on cleantech startups.

A shocker: Next-gen biofuels not likely to meet U.S. mandates

Biofuels were envisioned to help to make the world a better place, but here comes a National Research Council report on Tuesday that casts doubt on the environmental and economic benefits of biofuels and the U.S.’s ability to meet its own production mandates.

Vinod Khosla: Greentech has generated huge profits

The realization that many greentech startups need more capital and time than expected to commercialize their technologies has sacked some venture capitalists’ enthusiasm for cleantech. Vinod Khosla has a message for them: chin up! There’s good money to be made and I’m doing just fine.

Kleiner-backed biofuel startup Renmatix comes out of stealth

Kleiner Perkins has another biofuel and biochemical company up its sleeve. On Tuesday, a Kleiner-backed startup called Renmatix, which makes sugar from biomass that can be turned into biofuel and biochemicals, came out of stealth during an event in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.