Video: Red vs. Blue at Comic-Con 2010

This year in San Diego, we got some face time with Red vs. Blue creators Geoff Ramsey and Gustavo Sorola, who were attending for their seventh straight year, manning a booth stocked with DVDs and merchandise for their ground-breaking machinima comedy series.

Are the Stars Aligning for an Amazon PaaS Offering?

The PaaS segment of the cloud computing market is hot. Just look at the ado VMware and created with their VMforce announcement, or the attention Heroku is attracting with its Ruby-centric service. Could Amazon be the next cloud player to enter this market?

Verizon Wireless Enters Online Payment Space

Verizon Wireless will enable customers to buy digital goods online and have them billed to their Verizon account using just their mobile phone numbers, pitting the nation’s largest wireless provider against Apple, Amazon and PayPal. With this strategy Verizon is swinging for the fences.

Australian Website Hints at New Macs, Higher Prices

An Australian tech website has started running ads featuring Mac Pros (s aapl) and MacBook Pros whose entry-level prices are noticeably higher than those in the current Mac lineup.

So what, right? The ads are probably incorrectly labeled, or something. But the word on the street (well, the word on Engadget, anyway) is that these might predict the much-anticipated Mac refreshes that we’ve been waiting for.
From Engadget:

Apple’s Australian online store lists the most affordable versions of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro at A$1599, A$1999 and A$3599, respectively, but the ads show significantly higher “starting at” prices of A$1899, A$2399, and A$4499.

Following the ads to Apple’s Australian online store reveals the same Mac models at the same old prices, so either these ads are terribly wrong or they’re been released a little early… Read More about Australian Website Hints at New Macs, Higher Prices

Helping to Ease AT&T’s Network Pains — Goodbye iPhone!

AT&T’s CEO says that the carrier handles half of all data traffic generated in the U.S. Being a good samaritan, I abandoned my iPhone to ease the 3G network. Did you know you can port away a number and get a new one for the iPhone?

Connected Gadgets Need a Business Model That Works

We’re big fans of adding connectivity to everything, from GPS systems to thermostats, but for every wireless connection there’s a price, and figuring out who pays that price and how they pay it is a roadblock for enabling smart appliances and gadgets according to Accenture.

Sponsor Post: mpx Beta Simplifies Video Management and Publishing

More consumers are watching Internet video than ever before. How can media companies take advantage of larger audiences, longer viewing times and more monetization options without being overwhelmed by video management complexity?

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Microsoft Finally Opens Azure for Business

Microsoft today finally opened up its cloud platform, Windows Azure, for business. Today the rubber meets the road — and we will soon see how Azure does against larger players such as Amazon and Rackspace, as well as how it affects Microsoft’s margins and other businesses.

Will Amazon Be the New Wal-Mart?

As analysts scratch their heads try to explain why Amazon’s stock defies gravity, they’re coming up with theories that are of interest even to non-investors. A Cowen & Co. analyst argues that Amazon “can eventually achieve a Wal-Mart-like share of the U.S. retail market.”