GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason fired, Google CEO Sergey Brin feels emasculated by phones but not by nerd glasses and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is putting an end to remote work. Plus Oscars & Fashion. Here is our take on the week that was!

CEO Andrew Mason is out at Groupon

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason will be leaving the company he announced Thursday after a disastrous company earnings call on Wednesday.

Groupon is not a tech company. Why was it valued like one?

Groupon’s precipitous stock decline since its public offering in November 2011 has turned the local commerce company from a web hero to a piƱata. The problem is that of false expectations and lofty valuations from a company that was never really a tech-company.

Groupon’s CEO gets some financial adult supervision

In a rare move, Groupon is swapping out directors without waiting for terms to end — switching high-profile Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz out for American Express CFO Daniel Henry. Another swap for Deloitte’s Robert Bass gives the board more finance gravitas.

The simple secret to beating clones and copycats

Startups often rail against copycat companies, arguing that they steal their business and their ideas. But maybe the secret to beating clones isn’t to waste time trying to shut them down — it’s to accept them and focus on being bigger, better and faster.