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New Dog, Old Tricks: Quattrone Back in Banking

“Like a long drink of water after a drought” was how one tech executive described to me the news that former IPO kingpin Frank Quattrone is getting back into the i-banking business.

Quattrone earlier this week announced he’s launching the Qatalyst Group, described in lush terms in a press release as a tech-focused “merchant banking boutique.”

A merchant bank is really just a tonier name for an i-bank, which I find sorta funny, given Quattrone’s long-celebrated pride in his working-class, South Philly roots. (The banker’s mustache and “loud” sweaters were the totems Quattrone maintained to differentiate himself from his stuffier peers back in the day.)

So is this a new Frank? Maybe. He still sports the mustache — but my, if he’s not looking svelte! And the man clearly believes in sticking with formulas that work, which in his case was threesomes. dc16989-a.jpeg For a time it was expected that Quattrone’s longtime partners, George Boutros and Bill Brady, would join him in a new venture, but they’re staying put at Credit Suisse. Instead his partners in Qatalyst are corporate lawyer Adrian Dollard (pictured here, on the left) and Jonathan Turner, a tech M&A expert (to Quattrone’s right).

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