Android’s app revenue gap and how developers cope

App analytics firm Distimo said the iPhone App Store is generating about four times as much revenue for the top 200 apps compared to the top 200 apps in Android Market. The app revenue gap is prompting developers to look for creative ways to make money.

Yo Amazon: Please don’t hijack the web on Kindle Fire

Amazon’s successful 7-inch tablet, the Kindle Fire, is locked down more than people might think: browser requests to Google’s Android Market are redirected to the Amazon AppStore. Imagine buying a new car and then being told you that it can only be driven on certain roadways.

T-Mobile: We asked YouMail to fix its app last month (Updated)

After T-Mobile complained, Google pulled the YouMail voicemail app from the Android Market on Thursday. T-Mobile issued a statement saying it contacted YouMail last month to address issues. Aside from the “he said, she said” issue, there’s a bigger underlying problem here with the Android Market.

YouMail yanked from Android Market due to T-Mobile complaint

YouMail, a mobile voicemail and visual message management app, suddenly disappeared from Google’s Android Market on Thursday. The free app is still available in Apple’s iTunes Store for iOS devices, but Android users looking for the software won’t find it. Why? An apparent complaint from T-Mobile.

Android Market races to 10 billion downloads

After launching a little over three years ago, Android Market has caught fire with downloads, hitting 10 billion over the weekend. Google’s mobile application store is now up to 1 billion downloads a month, and growth is accelerating as the number of Android devices sold soars.

Get out your dimes: 10 cent apps hit Android Market

Got an Android device and 10 cents in your pocket? That’s the right combination to buy one of 10 Android apps for just a dime over the next 10 days. Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and my highly recommended keyboard app, SwiftKey X, are all on sale.

Apple, Google absent from ESRB’s new mobile app rating system

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board intends to apply its familiar game-rating stamps to mobile apps, providing a way for parents to monitor and restrict the games and content their kids download. Five mobile operators and Microsoft(s msft) have signed on but Apple and Google are missing.

Apple blowing away Android with up to 90% of app revenue

Apple’s market share may be slipping, but its share of app revenue is huge and not looking like it will slide anytime soon, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. Using recent numbers, Munster figures Apple owns about 85 to 90 percent of current mobile app spending.

LiMo Foundation wants alternative app store. Good luck with that.

Two big mobile app stores aren’t good, says Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation. Citing barriers to consumers, carriers and developers, Gillis is looking for a “service neutral” app ecosystem, but at this point, such an effort is akin to spitting in the wind.