Android Market Clears 100,000 Apps Milestone

Android Market eclipsed the 100,000 app milestone today, according to a tweet from the Android Developer Twitter account. This puts Android Market on a solid pace though still trailing Apple’s App Store by a wide margin.

What Would Adding PayPal Mean to the Android Market?

Users of Google Android phones may soon be able to use PayPal to purchase mobile applications, making it easier to add software to Android handsets. Would such a purchase mechanism be solely limited to Android software or might we see Google start hawking music and books?

Android Market Doubles in Size

Android has become popular with app developers, and with the Android Market now supporting paid apps in a dozen new countries it may become the platform of choice. Previously Google has restricted the countries where apps could be sold and customers were denied them.

Google’s App Inventor: Escalating the Mobile Ad War?

Google’s new App Inventor could create a wave of new apps to serve as vehicles for mobile advertisements. But with Android Market already developing a Wal-Mart-like reputation, the do-it-yourself developer kit needs to produce apps people really use — and ones advertisers will really pay for.

4 Ways Google Can Clean Up the Android Market

It’s time to clean up the Android Market before the poor experience and questionable apps get out of hand. There are already 65,000 apps to be found there, so the time is right for Google to follow these simple steps and neaten the store.

The Problem With Android Market’s Growth

Android Market has grown its library to 20,000 apps as the competition with Apple’s App Store heats up. But Google must find ways to help users find what they’re looking for in its increasingly crowded storefront.