Google fights iOS developer advantage with new Android classes

In an apparent effort to close the gap on iOS and its developer advantage, Google has announced a new set of Android developer classes aimed at helping walk developers through a series of lessons. Android Training will offer more than 30 lessons on larger topics.

VMware and Verizon team up for mobile virtualization

VMware has signed deals with Verizon and Telefonica to offer virtualization on phones provided by the operators. The net result of this deal is that employees who want to combine their work phone and their personal phone will soon be able to do so.

Dropsync for Android: A better Dropbox client

Android owners using Dropbox should take a look at Dropsync, a third-party client that offers more features than the native Dropbox software. Offering true, two-way sync, the app can be configured to sync at certain times, on Wi-Fi only or depending on the phone’s battery level.

In India, Broadband means a 3G connection

When it comes to broadband, it seems Indians will increasingly use 3G wireless connections to access the Internet. At the end of the first quarter of 2011 there were 11.5 million wired broadband subscribers in India, a pittance versus the explosive growth in 3G connections.

Infographic: How Android Is Taking Over

Google’s Android operating system has been a breakout success, quickly gaining worldwide market share among smartphones. Our infographic shows how Android has grown, the success of its app market, the sudden increase in customer acceptance and loyalty, and where we think it will be in 2014.