U.S. Gov: We can update Android phones in 2 weeks

The U.S. government has settled on Google’s Android platform for secure phones, mainly because the software is open and can easily be modified. But what about the dreaded Android software updates? No worries; the government says it can provide them within 2 weeks of Google’s changes!

iPhone strong in Britain, but underwhelming in rest of Europe

Apple’s iPhone 4S has propelled Cupertino’s smartphone share back to growth in many markets, including Britain, according to new data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech released Thursday. But Apple’s latest smartphone isn’t leading to runaway success everywhere, owing in part to economic concerns.

Yo Amazon: Please don’t hijack the web on Kindle Fire

Amazon’s successful 7-inch tablet, the Kindle Fire, is locked down more than people might think: browser requests to Google’s Android Market are redirected to the Amazon AppStore. Imagine buying a new car and then being told you that it can only be driven on certain roadways.