That’s it: Tablets on contract should be abolished!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE tablet on Verizon will cost $499 with a two-year data contract at a minimum $30 per month. Plans for each device have to go, and it’s time for carriers to adopt a pay-per-use plan for all tablets, not just the iPad.

Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet sales hurt Android more than iPad

Low-priced media tablets sold well in 2011, with an estimated 7.5 million units combined from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. On Thursday, iHS noted that tablets from these two companies accounted for 11 percent of the total market. But it wasn’t the iPad that was hurt.

Benchmarks: Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs Transformer Prime

Now that Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab 7.7, my patience to upgrade the old Galaxy Tab has paid off: This small slate with high-def display offers big performance. Here are benchmarks compared to other tablets like the Transformer Prime; both are solid performers in real life.

Kindle Fire edges Galaxy Tab as most used Android tablet

The Kindle Fire in just a couple months has barely edged passed the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the most used Android tablet with 35.7 percent of application user sessions, according to Flurry. This is despite the fact that the Fire only hit the market in mid-November.

Apple doesn’t fear Android tablet gains, but PC makers should

Apple’s iPad sold 15.4 million units during the final calendar quarter of 2011, representing a 111-percent year-over-year increase in tablet sales. Android tablets may have gained market share during the same period, but it’s PC makers that should fear that growth.

Apple code reveals quad-core iPhones, iPads could come soon

Apple might have quad-core iPhone and iPad devices coming in 2012, according to some code discovered deep in Apple’s iOS 5.1 pre-release software on Friday. This discovery adds fuel to the fire surrounding rumors the iPad 3 will boast a quad-core A6 processor.

Archos fights Kindle Fire with $199 Honeycomb tablet

Archos announced on Tuesday an updated 7-inch slate, called the Archos 70b, calling it the first Google Android Honeycomb for under $200. That may not be enough to sway consumers from the $199 Kindle Fire with its custom user interface and broad media ecosystem.

Unboxing: Amazon Kindle Fire

The highly anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire arrived in our offices on Monday, and here we unbox it and take our first look. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first foray into tablets after proving it knows a thing or two about e-book readers.

Netflix adds Android app support for Honeycomb tablets

Netflix has a new version of its Android app that adds support for Honeycomb tablets and expands availability beyond the U.S. The app is now available on the Android Market, expanding the number of devices its subscribers will be able to access it on.