The incredible story of Indie Game: The Movie

The independent film’s lifecycle has undergone a lot of upheaval in the last 20 years, but digital distribution’s truly disrupting things. Less than six months after debuting at Sundance, Indie Game: The Movie will be available for sale via iTunes, VHX and gaming platform Steam.

Yahoo-Facebook patent fight: more than meets the eye

The news of Yahoo suing Facebook for infringing its patents has drawn sharp reactions from some of the more measured voices in our industry.However, there is more than meets the eye to the whole Facebook-Yahoo scrum, for suing Facebook is a pretty drastic step for Yahoo.

12 new kinds of media & the rise of “supercuts”

Web creations such as the video mashups that Andy Baio calls “supercuts” are another example of how we can broadcast stylized, curated moments of our lives — part of the “broadcast yourself” movement that is playing a key role in what we do on the social web.

Fair use isn’t much good if you can’t afford it

The web is enabling an explosion of “remix culture,” but as Kickstarter co-founder and blogger Andy Baio recently discovered, “fair use” only applies if you can afford to fight for your idea in court. What does that mean for the future of the remixable web?