EMC buys secret chip maker DSSD

Updated: The storage leader is buying the Andy Bechtolsheim-backed DSSD, which will become part of EMC’s emerging technology unit.

Patterns & fallacies: Why they have no place in my Silicon Valley

If history has taught us anything, then the line between patterns and fallacies is nearly invisible. In a place where we talk about inventing the future, the patterns (or fallacies) of the past can prove to be counterproductive and create unnecessary biases.

Intel: We’ve always been serious about microservers. No, really

Intel almost can’t bring itself to call the market for wimpy cores a real market, but since its customers seem to really want them the chip giant is trying to offer products for microservers. But the strain is clear, as is the looming competition from ARM.

Hotshot Nebula gets $25M for plug-and-play OpenStack clouds

Nebula CEO and co-founder Chris Kemp says the OpenStack cloud company will use its new-found money to hire engineers, expand its private beta and build out its new Menlo Park, CA headquarters. Comcast Ventures led the $25 million Series B round.

When it comes to startups timing really is everything

When it comes to startups, a lot is made of startup’s founders, the market opportunities, its advisers and the team. Of course, there is chest thumping around investors and dollars raised. Yes, those are important issues, but let’s not forget that timing is everything.