How to successfully manage the consumerization of IT

Yes, it’s possible for IT departments to manage the consumerization of IT without stopping it. Huddle’s Andy McLoughlin offers a simple approach that allows corporate IT departments the flexibility to give employees choices about mobile devices and the control to ensure that networks are safe.

Buffer gets $400K funding — and tells exactly how they did it

Every day, it seems like there’s another bland press release about startup seed funding. So when Buffer closed on $400,000, it wanted to announce it differently — by explaining exactly how the process happened. It’s a fun read, and a good lesson for other startup founders.

How the web has powered work for 20 years

When Tim Berners-Lee invited newsgroup users to the World Wide Web with the invitation “collaborators welcome,” he never could have expected how completely that concept would fundamentally transform work. Here, Huddle’s Andy McLoughlin shows the timeline of that transformation.

Flatter orgs: An inevitable result of collaboration tech?

From provision of office space to recruitment and retention, the ubiquity of fast, secure internet connectivity has changed plenty about how business gets done these days. But what, if anything, will stay the same? Are org charts and hierarchies a thing of the past?