Crunchies tickets go on sale today

The first round of 200 tickets to the Crunchies, the annual tech innovation awards, go on sale today at 10 a.m. The award show will be held January 31, 2012, at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.

Celebrity angels: a fad or the future?

The trend of ‘celebrity angels’ isn’t exactly surprising. But why are we suddenly seeing celebrities become more involved in tech investing? Hunter Walk of YouTube offers three possible explanations, and pulls together choice quotations from top consumer internet moneymen.

Service for startups busts boardrooms, embraces blogs

Entrepreneurs like Steve Blank have spent a lot of time thinking (and writing) about how ineffective old-fashioned board meetings are for startups. LeanLaunchLab is a startup building software that could finally do away with the boardroom, or at least bring it into the 21st century.

More Money (for Y Combinator) Means More Startups

Y Combinator was already a popular accelerator program for young start-ups, but with Yuri Milner and Ron Conway offering $150,000 to all YC companies, it has boosted applications by 40 percent for the upcoming class, said Harj Taggar, the newest partner at Y Combinator.

Big Money VC Deals are Back

Big money deals are back in style. Venture firms dropped nearly $5.9 billion on 736 deals during the first quarter of 2011. Fourteen companies got at least $50 million, while four drew more than $100 million – numbers not seen since the third quarter of 2001.

Bullpen Capital’s New Fund Will Rise Above the Angels

Bullpen Capital thinks there’s a lot of need and opportunity investing in what Union Square Ventures Managing Partner Fred Wilson called, “the mess.” The new fund is looking to give start-ups the additional support they need as they move from seed round to more traditional funding.

Ron Conway: More Reasons To Go All Angel

Lately we’ve been discussing the many reasons why taking smaller, angel-sized investments instead of larger venture capital stakes often makes more sense for startups in a wobbly, exit-bereft market like the current one.

Today, Ron Conway, the well-known founder of the Silicon Valley-based Angel Investors LP fund, now associated with Baseline Ventures, weighs in with his own assessment of the benefits of the “all angel” investment path.

A former semiconductor executive who went on to co-found Altos Computer Systems, Anchor Intelligence and, most recently, SNOCAP, Conway took up angel investing in 1998. He’s seen his share of both hits and duds, but among the investments that earned Conway his “super angel” status are Google(s GOOG), Digg, PayPal(s EBAY), and Ask Jeeves (now IACI)). He is also an advisor to Facebook. In other words, Conway knows what he’s talking about. So, if you’re seeking funding, you’d do well to consider his advice, dished out below the fold. Read More about Ron Conway: More Reasons To Go All Angel