The Onfronts: The Good, the Meh, and the AWESOME

[show=onfronts size=large]So. Much. Online. Content.

This week brought us the first annual Onfronts, a presentation of what the year ahead has to offer in online video.  Like the oldteevee upfronts from which they get their name, the Onfronts are a way for content providers to show potential advertisers just where their money could be going, and just how many eyeballs could be taking a gander at those logos.  Of course, we here at NewTeeVee Station aren’t looking to invest big bucks for big traffic; we just wanna see all the previews and judge which will be the most squee-worthy.

It’s a noble calling, really.  And we do it all for you.  So here’s what’s coming up.

What looks good:

New seasons of old favorites.  The promo for Prom Queen: The Homecoming was full of quick cuts and short on plot points, but, much like actual prom queens, the series doesn’t need details to get us to show up.  They have us at Prom Queen.  Likewise, new seasons of The Legend of Neil and Wainy Days seem like they’re going to bring more of the quirky fun that hooked viewers in the first place.

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Spike Finds More Content Online, Picks Up Angel of Death

Spike TV will air the web series Angel of Death on its cable channel this summer, continuing Spike’s recent trend of acquiring online content.

Angel, which stars stuntwoman Zoe Bell as an assassin (see our review and our interview with Bell), was produced by Sony’s (s SNE) and debuted in March. The 10-part series was a hit online and by last count had generated 4.8 million plays — a strong showing for a drama.

Spike will air all 10 episodes as a 90-minute movie on July 25, three days before it will be released on DVD. When we spoke with Angel writer Ed Brubaker (embedded here), he indicated that this bundling of the series together into one film was always part of the plan, and one of the reasons why they had a $1 million budget (fairly large for a web show) to produce the series.

Spike is on a bit of a tear when it comes to acquiring web content. Earlier this year, it ordered 11 episodes of the James Gunn-directed series PG-Porn for use on, and more recently, the network brought the comedy web series MoCap LLC to television.

NTV Talks with Angel of Death’s Zoe Bell and Ed Brubaker

We hit up WonderCon here in San Francisco this weekend to sit down with Zoe Bell and Ed Brubaker (and not at all because we’re big nerds who love comic books, nu-uh, no way). Bell is the star of, and Brubaker wrote, Angel of Death, the new action-packed web series launching today on Crackle.

Our very own Liz Miller will be reviewing the actual series later this week, but before you see Zoe Bell kick butt as an assassin, check out the former stunt person here talking about what it was like working on her first web series (and enjoy that awesome Kiwi accent).

Ed Brubaker, who’s famous in comic book circles (The Death of Captain America), explains that writing for the web isn’t all that different than writing for comics. It’s all about being able to serialize a story (and providing enough “oh sh-t!” moments).