Lexee gives devs a new Siri-like tool for apps

Developers are getting another Siri-like tool to embed speech-enabled virtual assistants in their apps. Lexee, a new product from interactive voice response provider Angel, offers an SDK for iOS and Android users. Lexee has a point and click system for building conversation flows and user analytics.

How Codecademy got so hot, so fast

Codecademy, which teaches users how to program for free with an interactive and social web application, has garnered more than 1 million users in less than five months. We talked to co-founder and CEO Zach Sims about how Codecademy started and where it’s going.

Rebranded Ignite100 wants to set Euro startups on fire

To take on more established accelerator programs, British startup bootcamp The Difference Engine has changed its identity and stumped up a tantalizing reward: more than $150,000 in funding for the 10 startups who make the cut. Can it spur on a new generation of European innovation?

What happens when students create their own collaboration tools?

I teach technology and innovation to working professional MBA students who are changing courses and teams every ten weeks. Collaboration tools are critical to our effectiveness. Over the last two years, my courses have served as testing grounds for two locally-grown, student-designed tools: Acceledge and Piazza.

The Dangers of a Startup Democracy

Back in January 2007 while taking a shower I thought up the idea of my startup. 😉
I’m a business major, but I can’t write a single line of code. I knew I’d also need someone I to help with marketing and administrative parts and since my budget was nearly nonexistent, these would have to be people I could trust, and who’d be willing to take sweat equity. I started talking to a few of my friends. It was my 1st mistake.

Two of them were already working at other jobs, but I was not willing to spend our tight budget on salaries from day one. I figured I could get their attention by offering to split the company between us. Three of them accepted Read More about The Dangers of a Startup Democracy