Fred Wilson on AngelGate and Where the Web Is Going

During a recent interview in Toronto, venture investor Fred Wilson shared some thoughts about the recent “AngelGate” clash between “super-angels” and traditional VCs, as well as some of the big trends online that he is thinking about as he makes investments for Union Square Ventures.

AngelGate Principals Move On to Damage Control

There were high expectations among attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt that last week’s “AngelGate” would come to a head today. That didn’t happen. All the involved parties now seem to be chanting the mantra that the focus should return to startups, entrepreneurs and innovation.

AngelGate Goes Nuclear, Startups Get the Fallout

As legendary investor Ron Conway has pointed out in a strongly-worded email to some of the super-angels who were at a recent secret meeting, the most important part of the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem is the entrepreneur — something certain angels seem to be forgetting.

Praise the Super Angels for Taking Risks Few Others Will

As the debate rages on about the role of “super angels” in the success or failure of startups, Scott Sandell of venture capital firm NEA suggests that, as funding sources shrink and venture capital firms disappear, we should celebrate these investors instead of vilifying them.