IPhone 4S gets the Consumer Reports nod but no top spot

Apple’s iPhone 4S has secured the coveted Consumer Reports recommendation in its latest round of updated smartphone ratings. That’s something its predecessor could never achieve, thanks to a loss of cellular signal reception that could be unwittingly caused by gripping the phone a certain way.

iPhone 4 Antennagate Returns, Still a Non-Story

Antennagate is back in the news thanks to the Verizon iPhone 4. The Inquirer has an article about it, decrying Apple’s willful negligence with the sub-title “Can’t keep a faulty design down.” Let’s put this faulty notion to bed, shall we?

Glass Backing Next iPhone 4 Controversy?

In a provocative essay, Ryan Block at gdgt asserts Apple is aware that the glass backing of the iPhone 4 is “another design flaw.” The problem seems to be that the glass back is easily scratched in certain circumstances. Even if true, this is hardly “Antennagate.”

Free Case Program Ending…Except It’s Not

Back when Apple announced the free case program for iPhone 4 at a special press event in July 2010, the September 30 end date seemed far away. Now, that day doesn’t seem very far away at all, and Apple’s made clear what’s going to happen.