A jailbreak in Europe

The European Court of Justice this week ruled that the law’s protection of DRM against circumvention does not apply where the DRM has the effect of blocking commercially legitimate uses along with illegitimate ones if a less restrictive alternative is available

Anti-piracy pushback

Over the past three months, a new website reports, only 20 percent of the most pirated movies as ranked by TorrentFreak were available legally available for online rental or streaming.

Why UK antipiracy laws won’t spark SOPA-like protests

After the Court of Appeal in London told Britain’s two biggest Internet providers they must abide the controversial antipiracy rules brought in by the Digital Economy Act, some experts suggest it could spark a SOPA-style protest. Is it likely?

Neil Young is right — piracy is the new radio

Neil Young put a lot of the media industry’s hysteria about file-sharing into perspective when he said in a recent interview that “piracy is the new radio — that’s how music gets around.” In fact, a certain amount of “piracy” can be good for business.

Europe’s love-hate relationship with anti-piracy laws

Europe’s top officials have regularly moved to strike down punitive anti-piracy laws and protect ISPs from litigation — but recent news from France and Spain show that the debate is far from over at the national level.

Apple gains ground in China piracy battle with new patents

Apple was granted new ammunition with which to fight the rampant counterfeiting of its products that is an ongoing problem in China. It was granted 40 patents in China, according to a new report Wednesday. The patents mostly cover aspects of its mobile phones.