Kantar Video Tracks Analytics With Anvato Technology

By teaming up with Anvato, Kantar Video is offering video syndication, content identification and tracking through its Videolytics product portfolio, so its clients can measure the full reach and user engagement of their content, even if it appears on sites that aren’t syndication or distribution partners.

Vid-Biz: epix, DVRs, Battlestar

Viacom/Paramount/Lionsgate/MGM Venture Has a Name; the new premium content channel launching next year will be called epix. (MediaDailyNews)

Survey: 90 Percent of DVR Users Skip Ads; TiVo-based Starcom study finds higher percentage of ad zappers than others, which put the number closer to 60-70 percent. (MediaPost)

Battlestar Galactica Webisodes Debut Today; “The Face of the Enemy” is a 10-part online series revolving around a frakkin’ murder mystery in space. (Sci-Fi.com)

Heroes the Most Time-Shifted Show of the Year; according to Nielsen, with Fringe, Lost, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy rounding out the top 5.


Anvato Raises $2 Million; automated video content identification and monetization company raises half of its $4 million Series A, led by Oxantium Ventures. (release)

Andrew Lloyd Weber Goes YouTube; his branded channel will feature clips from Jesus Christ Superstar, live performances from other shows and interviews. (Variety)

NewTeeVee Startup Watch: Onecast, Zadby, Anvato, GoAnimate

NewTeeVee has been bursting with startup news this week, including news from a bunch of new companies that have barely been mentioned elsewhere, if at all. So for those GigaOM readers looking for a cheat sheet, I’ve pulled together one here:

Onecast/1cast: Apparently this is something like RedLasso, but it’s been approved by TV networks instead of sued by them. Founded and funded by telco-turned-wireless guy Craig McCaw. The stealth company has nothing but a landing page for the moment, but our sleuthing turned up those tidbits and a few more.

Zadby: A marketplace for advertisers to commission viral ads from top web video producers. But producers have to make the videos on spec and their payouts (if they’re chosen) are based on views, so we don’t think it’s a very appealing deal for them. Reston, Va.-based; has $400,000 in funding from its founders.

Anvato: A new content identification service that quickly and efficiently scans the web using picture recognition to find unauthorized copies of its clients’ videos. Then it places relevant advertising on discovered videos. The company promises big-name customer announcements will come soon. Mountain View, Calif.-based; has $550,000 in angel funding, trying to raise more.

GoAnimate: Very cool web-based animation toolset. Some nice technology that could be used by total amateurs or perhaps even pros looking to make something quick. New York City-based; has $1.4 million in angel funding trying to add $5 million VC round now.

Anvato Launches Video ID Service

User uploads of copyrighted content are just a reality these days. Content owners do have some methods for protecting their IP (Viacom is still waiting on its particular choice), but none of them are simple or comfortable fixes. Most solutions, like YouTube’s, include uploading versions of all your work to a service so it can can analyze them and then find copies of them in the wild.

Maybe a bigger problem is that this is a workaround within existing intellectual property paradigms that may never escape its awkwardness. But there does seem to be some hope for another way; Lionsgate, for example, will apparently encourage fan uploads, no matter whether they are licensed, as part of its new partnership with YouTube.

Anvato, a content identification startup that had been in stealth for the last year, contacted NewTeeVee Monday for an interview alongside launching its public website this week. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company fits into the same category as existing providers Audible Magic and Vobile, but it claims its technology works better. Anvato uses picture recognition rather than audio recognition to make its matches (we’d previously road-tested Audible Magic’s audio-based tools and found them lacking). That allows it to better recognize poor quality or altered video copies.

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