The Smart Mac: iTunes, iPhoto & Aperture

iTunes PlaylistsThe last stop in our series of better file management through ideas based on smart folders brings us to iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture. All of these apps provide support for organizing your files similar to Address Book and Mail. The beauty of “smart” file management, of course, is once you have defined the frameworks for the album, folder or playlist, new content will automatically fall in place if it meets your rules.


The first time you noticed a smart “anything with a purple icon” was probably in iTunes. Besides OS X, iTunes is the only piece of software to ship with several built-in smart items. You’ve seen them before, specifically the 90’s Music, Classical Music and Recently Played playlists, to name a few. If you’ve read our previous articles, you know how those work now (and can just right click them to edit their criteria). Read More about The Smart Mac: iTunes, iPhoto & Aperture

A Plea for a Significant Aperture Update

Through the past three quarters, Aperture users (like myself) have only seen two updates to the pro-level photo processing and organization application from Apple — and those have really only been stability type releases. About a year ago we saw Aperture’s consumer-level sibling get places and faces and some of us figured Aperture wasn’t far behind. Seems we may have figured wrong. I think Aperture users have been patient enough — we want a meaningful update already!

First, to clear the air: I like Aperture, and it works well for me. But it’s application envy that’s got my level of rile slowly compounding, as I watch the ‘little brother’ (iPhoto) get powerful features, and the competing Adobe Lightroom continue to wow and delight users. And at a $200 investment in the software, I feel like I need to stay committed to it and get my money’s worth. But I wonder at what point those of us using Aperture have begun suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and are defending our captors rather than breaking free for greener pastures. Read More about A Plea for a Significant Aperture Update

Learn Aperture Without One to One

aperture2boxWhen Apple (s aapl) changed its One to One policy, I had no idea it would eventually affect me personally. As a consumer who recently upgraded to a high-end digital camera, I am also looking to upgrade my digital photo editing and organizing software.

Naturally, as a contributor to this blog, my first thought was to upgrade from iPhoto to Aperture. The problem is, where do I turn to learn how to use all of Aperture’s features? The One to One program would be perfect for me, but that’s no longer an option unless I purchase a new computer from Apple. Read More about Learn Aperture Without One to One

Where’s The Love? Apple’s Neglected Products

Apple Logo

With 2009 half way over, we’ve seen a lot of updates from Apple (s aapl), from new portables to new iPhones and some hot new Pro Apps, but several sections of Apple’s product lineup have not been updated in quite a while.

Products such as the Apple TV, some software titles, and others are getting a bit long in the tooth. We know our mainstream products like iPods will see an update in the next few months, but what about some of the others? What’s the deal and what could be in store? Read More about Where’s The Love? Apple’s Neglected Products

How-To: Move Photos From Aperture to iPhoto


Aperture is a great photo management application, but may not be suitable for everyone. I recently made a decision to move back to iPhoto in order to use some of the features in the latest release. Several of these, such as face recognition, are not present in the current version of Aperture.

This decision posed a problem. How do you move several thousand photos out of Aperture and back into iPhoto, without tearing your hair out in the process? This how-to will outline a few different possibilities, along with the process I found to work best. Read More about How-To: Move Photos From Aperture to iPhoto

Aperture 2 Released

Aperture 2

Apple is on a software-release roll. Yesterday they released Leopard 10.5.2 and today they have released Aperture 2.

Aperture is Apple’s pro-level photograph editing and management software that has been picking up a lot of steam in the past couple of years.

There are over 100 new features in Aperture 2, some of which are:

  • Updated user interface
  • Quick preview mode
  • Larger project management
  • .Mac Web Gallery integration
  • Tethered shooting support
  • Duplicate detection

You can see the full list of updates here.

Also worth noting is the price as now dropped from $299 to just $199 for a full version and $99 to upgrade.