ESPN is shutting down its public API

Sportscaster ESPN (S DIS) is getting ready to shut down its public API. ESPN’s API team announced this week that it won’t be issuing any new API keys going forward, and that all previously issued API keys are going to be revoked in early December. The move will help the company to “better align engineering resources with the growing demand to develop core ESPN products,” the team said in a blog post. ESPN isn’t the only media company that recently decided to pull the plug on a public API: Netflix (S NFLX) announced two months ago that it will shutter its public API in November.

Twilio’s VoIP call quality just got a lot better

Twilio is opening up a public beta for a low-latency VoIP network, which route calls more directly over the internet. The end result will be more natural, higher-quality voice conversations.

IBM is challenging developers to insert Watson into mobile apps

IBM announced its Watson Mobile Developers Challenge on Wednesday. The company is pushing Watson as a cloud service hard because it knows it has its work cut out to win developers away from startups and large companies like Google also pushing AI via API.