iPhone App Exchange: Where’s the Open Source Love?

The iPhone Application List, an iPhone app review site, on Monday launched its App Exchange, a repository of source code for iPhone apps. However, Apple should launch its own open-source code repository for apps, especially since it’s fighting for mindshare against the open source Android platform.

Google App Engine Announces Pricing

When Google (s GOOG) first released App Engine as a “Preview Release” last April, developers had relatively little computing power. Only a few apps got Google’s permission to grow beyond the free computing quotas, including BuddyPoke, Lingospot, Mentalfloss and Giftag.com. Now, the company’s going to start charging for its App Engine cloud platform. That’s welcome news for early adopters of the cloud computing platform, because even if they have to pay, they’ll now have access to the company’s vast computing resources. Read More about Google App Engine Announces Pricing