Quick tip: Setting up Google mail on iOS and OS X

No, you are not crazy, and your Google contacts are not somehow missing in iOS. It just that there is more than one way to set up your Google Mail service on your iOS and OS X devices. Here’s a quick explanation how.

The Apple Roundup: Apple marketing’s war on language

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple’s copywriters are freaking out linguists; Samsung, Google meet to talk Apple; guilt over buying iPhones made by exploited workers; accessibility features in iOS 6, and more.

3 simple tips for getting to inbox zero with Apple Mail

A common New Year’s resolution is getting more organized, and email is often very much in need of organization. I’ve long been a fan of the “Inbox Zero” philosophy. It’s easier than you think to accomplish, and these simple tips will help you get there.

Take Control of Your Inbox: 9 Ways to Sort Email

I make extensive use of smart folders and tags to sort my email into logical groups that I can easily process all at once. The key is to use rules and filters that automatically sort my email without any additional intervention from me.

How to Deal With “Bacn” Email Without Using Gmail’s Smart Labels

Gmail’s Smart Labels, which can automatically label many types of “bacn” email, is a great feature and works really well, but if you don’t use Gmail or aren’t comfortable with Google analyzing your emails, there are options for dealing with bacn in desktop email clients: