The Apple Roundup: Despite growth, Apple TV, set-tops still not a mass hit

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple TV sales, and the pieces of the content puzzle it’s still missing, meet Apple’s two newest SVPs, penny-pinching at the Apple Store and new online tech support.

Apple Store 2.0 brings Personal Pickup and EasyPay

The rumored update to the Apple Store app for iPhone, which we noted last week could revolutionize retail, has arrived, albeit a bit later than expected. Apple Store 2.0 brings many improvements, the most notable among them being Personal Pickup and EasyPay services.

Business as usual for Apple in Germany despite injunction

On Friday, Motorola Mobility was granted a preliminary injunction against Apple by a German court, but despite that victory, it’s business as usual for the iPhone maker in Germany as of Monday. Apple’s retail and online stores are still selling the company’s entire range of products.

AT&T vacation blackout backs up mid-October iPhone 5 release

A new report Tuesday claims AT&T has blacked out employee vacation requests for the first two weeks of October. The AT&T blackout, which is said to come directly from an AT&T source, marks the third account of iPhone-related vacation day blackouts to date.

Apple Store set to open right in RIM’s backyard

Apple is preparing to open five new retail stores internationally on Saturday, including one smack dab in the middle of competitor Research In Motion’s home territory of Waterloo, Ontario. It’s a departure from Apple’s usual pattern in Canada — one that sends a clear message.

Lion download too fat? There’s Apple store (WiFi) for that.

OS X Lion will only be available in the Mac App Store, but a 4 GB download-only OS upgrade is going to be trying for some consumers, because of connection quality and bandwidth caps. Apple has one possible solution: come use our retail store Wi-Fi.

Apple Retail 2.0 First Impressions and Video

After reading Darrell’s excellent appraisal of Apple’s new retail model, I had to run out and see fit for myself. After all, 10 years ago Apple’s minimalist approach was unusual and out of step. Is Apple Retail 2.0 a step forward, or a step back?

The Apple Store at 10: Past, Present, and Future

On May 19th, the Apple Retail Store celebrates its tenth anniversary. Here’s a look back at the unlikely success Apple has enjoyed with its brick-and-mortar stores, and at where we might expect that success to lead future retail endeavors made by the company.

White iPhone 4 Now Available for Purchase

The white iPhone 4 became available for sale online early this morning, first internationally, then in the U.S. Apple Store. The white model is available in both 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, and currently has an expected ship time of 3-5 business days.