Italy fines Apple again over AppleCare

Obviously a quarter of a million or so is nothing to Apple, which has about $120 billion in the bank. But this episode does signify the end of this strange saga wherein Apple — for a while — refused to budge on selling AppleCare in the country.

Italy not letting Apple off the hook for illegal warranty policy

Another international legal snag for Apple: Italy is moving to add additional fines and even force the company to temporarily shut down its operations in the country until it complies with local laws that require two years of free warranty coverage. Apple has ignored previous warnings.

Apple fined by Italian authorities over AppleCare policies

Apple has run afoul of Italian authorities for providing misleading information about consumers’ rights in the country when it comes to product warranties. On Tuesday, the country’s Antitrust Authority announced it had placed a fine of €900,000 euros ($1.17 million USD) on the iPhone maker.

New AppleCare+ extended warranty covers accidents

Apple has introduced a new level of AppleCare for iPhone shoppers, called AppleCare+. This version of Apple’s extended warranty coverage is available beginning Oct. 14 — the same day as the iPhone 4S — and covers accidental damage, unlike the previous variety.