Today in Connected Consumer

Did Apple let the “unofficial” iPad hype get out of hand? It certainly seems that way given the rash of “What’s Missing from the iPad” stories that have followed since the unveiling. The lack of Flash support is drawing a lot of fire, as are the relative scarcity of compelling apps at launch and the movie-unfriendly 4:3 aspect ratio. Sometimes, though, when you give a child a new toy, he or she may not know what to do with it at first. But once he learns how to play with it, he never puts it down.

Today in Cloud

Om has a great post on GigaOM today about the rapid growth of Heroku, which he reports now hosts more than 40,000 applications. Although its Ruby on Rails focus is not for everybody or every application, Heroku’s success is evidence that, for many, simplicity reigns supreme in the cloud. The question is when this mindset will make its way into enterprise applications, thus making the cloud all the more valuable. Right now, overly complex and OS-centric applications mean cloud providers must cater to them instead of focusing on simplicity.