Pixelmator Now Available

Pixelmator has been pretty tight-fisted about letting their image-editor-in-progress see the light of day. There have only been 1 or 2 screencasts released by the developers, and what few beta testers were out there weren’t too loud about it. But today you can go download Pixelmator 1.0 and test drive it for yourself. If you like it, there’s a $59 price tag.
Given that it supports Photoshop .psd files, iSight, and much more, it may be a fantastic mid-way application for those not willing or able to plunk down the cash for Photoshop CS3.

Sequoia Invests $15 million in Jive Software

Jive Software, a Portland, Ore.-based collaboration software startup, has raised $15 million in funding from Sequoia Capital.  Jim Goetz is the Sequoia partner leading the investment in the company, which has been profitable since it was launched in 2001. The new money will be used to push sales and marketing of its Clearspace line-up of products.

12 Mac Apps to Waste Your Time

So lets face it. Sometimes we all just need to kill a little time. It’s relaxing.
Whether you’re on your lunch break at work (or not) or if you are just bored one night and can’t sleep…this list should help you cure your boredom.
I’ve compiled 12 apps that do a fantastic job of killing time in just about every way you’d want to. This list includes everything from games to design modifications to monotonous tasks to widgets and more. So get reading and have fun! Read More about 12 Mac Apps to Waste Your Time

Share Your iTunes — Simply

Simplify MediaThanks to innovative software Simplify Media, sharing your killer iTunes library has never been easier. In the good ol’ days before DRM was such a hot topic, libraries could be shared unfettered across the Net. Simplify Media makes that possible once again by allowing users to invite others to browse and stream their iTunes to their own systems, whether they are in the next room or on the next continent.

The name is truly appropriate, I’ve found, as installing and configuring Simplify Media couldn’t be, well, simpler. There are no old-school Stuffit files to contend with; nor does Simplify Media require installing packages or rebooting. In the spirit of Mac simplicity, simply drag the app from the disk image into your Applications folder and run it. Configuration is nothing more than selecting the folder or folders with media you wish to share. The default /Users/username/Music/iTunes is already added to the list, so for most users, no additional configuration is needed.

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Leaflets: Suite of iPhone apps arrives


Design/interactive shop Blue Flavor, has released a suite of small iPhone apps called Leaflets.

Straight from the horses mouth:

Leaflets are fun, useful applications designed to run fast on your iPhone—even over AT&T’s EDGE network.

Apple’s iPhone allows developers to harness the power of web-based development to create applications that can be used on the iPhone via Safari.
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MacUpdate Interview

Anyone who is into Mac shareware applications has heard of MacUpdate, for the uninitiated, it’s basically a giant catalog of every Mac app, getting updated by-the-minute with new software updates. I recently had a chance to virtually sit down with Joel Mueller, the founder and head honcho of MacUpdate, for some questions about his site.
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An FTP Application to Break The Mold?

Last week I wrote about my failure to understand why everyone and their dog seems to be churning out FTP and Text Editor applications. The discussion that was generated in the comments was a good one, and many good points were brought to my attention that I hadn’t considered previously. The point that seemed most common was that developers feel they can do it better and thus the glut of similar apps we have to choose from. (Definitely not a bad position for the consumer to be in!)

But I did get one email from a developer, explaining his position on the topic. Brian Amerige is the developer of an as-yet unreleased FTP application named Flow. He feels that current FTP and Text Editors (as they tend to go hand in hand) just don’t get it right and so he’s set out to solve that problem. The 2 interesting features Brian highlights (check out the screencasts) are the ability to remotely edit files directly on the remote host (seen it done), and the especially cool one – concurrent uploading of files. The latter taking full advantage of high-speed broadband connections and their multiple streaming capabilities.

From the little I’ve seen, and what I’ve read, it sounds like an interesting take on the FTP market. If you’re interested in checking out Flow for yourself, Brian has just posted the Private Beta details to his webpage. Go sign up and if you’re one of the lucky ones chosen to test-drive this workflow-altering FTP client you can decide for yourself!

Frenzic: The Next Bejeweled, Tetris?

frenzic on iphoneCo-Founder of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic‘s recent release as the first game to come from The IconFactory, many a Mac-user found their next Tetris.

With the iPhone on the brink of release, what will its requisite time-killing game be? The likes of Tetris, Bejeweled, and Solitaire have filled this void in one shape or another on many preceding cellular phone platforms. So does it not make perfect sense that something as simple yet challenging as Frenzic be leveraged on the brilliant touch interface that the iPhone provides? The potential certainly is huge.

The boys at IconFactory gave their best effort in pitching it to Apple at WWDC 07, but a little insurance doesn’t hurt, right? If you like the sound of this geeky marriage of awesomeness, head over to Apple’s Feedback page and let them know how you feel!

3 Apps I’m Most Excited About at WWDC

So obviously Leopard is on everyone’s mind with The Keynote just hours away. I know I’ve been waiting to see more of this cat for much longer than I like to admit. But as we’ve gotten closer and closer to WWDC, I’ve found more interest building in the form of 3 applications from [indie?] Mac Developers. What software could possibly steal my longing gaze away from Apple’s next major OS release? Read on…
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Times Reader: too heavy a price for mobile reading?

Times_readerAll good things must come to end I suppose. The next one is the free usage of the Times Reader, that wonderful app that brings the New York Times to your mobile device. Forbes mentions that the Times will begin to charge for the content after the beta expires on March 27th. Expect to pay $14.95 a month or $165 for a full-year of the NYT; there is no charge for home-subscribers. I was hoping the advertisements in the content would cover the costs and even make money for the Times, but those hopes were just dashed. Why not a $5 monthly subscription option that provides the content several hours after the print and full-price customers receive it? Bummer….