Appsfire takes on App Store with combined discovery and deals app

Mobile app discovery service Appsfire is hoping its update to 4.0 will create the ultimate app discovery engine for users. It combines Appsfire’s previous discovery app with its Appsfire Deals app, which displayed apps that were free or on sale.

iOS App Store rule change could be targeting pay-per-install apps

Apple’s iOS App Store has introduced a significant rule change: no more apps that promote third-party apps that look too much like Apple’s own App Store. But Apple may not be targeting quality app recommendation services as much as cheap knock-offs and pay-per-install marketing campaigns.

Appsfire buys Appstatics, a mobile tool for tracking an app’s popularity

App discovery is one of the biggest challenges that faces iOS developers today. The acquisition is part of Appsfire’s mission to help developers and those in the mobile business understand the trends surrounding Apple’s gargantuan mobile app store, which now counts over 650,000 apps.

Appsfire ranks the best iOS apps, not just the most-downloaded

Operating on the theory that there are better ways to find great iOS apps than skimming the “top downloaded” lists on the App Store, Appsfire has published its first-ever alternative rankings that highlight the best apps, not just the ones with the highest download count.

Appsfire builds a page rank system to score apps

Appsfire is introducing App Scores, a new way of pinning an iPhone app’s worth to a simple number. The automated system works takes into account dozens of signals and comes up with a number from 1-100 that should help inform people’s download decisions

Apple kills Chomp for Android

Apple acquired app discovery service Chomp earlier this year, betting that it would help make app discovery easier and better on its iTunes Appstore. The casualty of that acquisition is the Chomp for Android (search and) app which seems to have been discontinued.

Appsfire offers developers an in-app notification inbox

Appsfire, an app discovery platform, is launching a free service called App Booster that allows developers to create a simple two-way inbox inside their apps to help establish a communication channel between developers and users. It’s designed to be an easy way to foster in-app engagement.

Appsfire taps Siri for voice-activated app discovery

Siri isn’t available to developers, and there’s no guarantee it will be. But it hasn’t stopped developers from tapping its power. Appsfire, an app discovery service, has created a little hack that allows iPhone 4S users to find apps with their voice.

Monetization on mobile can’t be like the web

Mobile advertising is a different beast than any advertising that came before, and the opportunities to measure engagement and even conversion may also influence advertising elsewhere.