Amazon’s Appstore is on fire: 500% more downloads this year

Now that Amazon has its own devices in the Kindle Fire lineup, downloads from the Appstore are on the rise: up 500% in the past year. It doesn’t hurt that Amazon has added a number of developer-friendly features over the past 20 months, either.

For some companies, confusion in app-land equals money

Growing number of mobile apps on multiple mobile platforms made by the likes of Google and Apple means that app discovery has become a major challenge. For some companies, including the newly reborn Digg, now part of Betaworks, that represents an opportunity.

Amazon Appstore opens for business in Europe

Amazon is taking its Appstore for Android abroad for the first time, launching it in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The move was expected, and its eems to pave the way for an international launch of the Kindle Fire.

Apple digs in to protect ‘app store’ name

Apple is doubling down on efforts to protect the term “app store” at a time when it feels increasingly threatened by Amazon’s push into the app and mobile market. Amazon’s Appstore for Android is much smaller than Apple’s App Store but it brings in good revenue.

Hey devs, Amazon apps can make almost as much as iOS apps

It’s obvious by now that iOS and Android are the top dogs in mobile, so the battle is on for the third platform player. Windows Phone is looking better to be No. 3 to my eyes, but mobile analytics firm Flurry suggests a different player: Amazon.

Apple: Kindle Fire ad could “lessen goodwill” associated with App Store

Apple has made a change to the scope of its lawsuit against Amazon regarding its “App Store” trademark says CNET, addressing claims made in recent advertisements for the online retailer’s new Kindle Fire Android-based tablet. Amazon’s marketing threatens the App Store brand, says Apple.