54,805 reasons not to be Amazon’s free app of the day

As a free app in Amazon’s Appstore, Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Caster Android app, benefitted hugely from the exposure. Sales jumped from 20 per day to 101,491 sales on the day Amazon offered it at no charge. But there’s one problem: The company didn’t make a dime.

Android Poll: Are You Using Amazon’s AppStore?

AT&T’s new Infuse 4G is the first carrier device that allows direct app installs. That led me to install the Amazon AppStore, which is a great alternative to the Android Market. Yet,folks I ask aren’t using Amazon’s AppStore, and I don’t understand why.

Here Come the Phones With Amazon’s AppStore Installed

Amazon’s new AppStore will be pre-installed on the HTC Merge for Cellular South, marking the first handset to come with Amazon’s rival software store. Getting the AppStore on handsets is key for Amazon, which offers a free app each day and easy over the air installations.

iOS Developers’ Guide to Surviving the Holiday App Rush

For iOS developers, two very important things happen during the holiday season. The first is the App Store freeze, where Apple essentially stops accepting and reviewing app submissions and freezes chart rankings, and the second is big sales increases. Here’s how developers deal with both.

Track Your iPhone’s Data Usage With DataMan

The days of AT&T’s all you can eat data plans are dead and gone. Now, your options for data on the iPhone are 200MB or 2GB of data per month. Regardless of which plan you’re on, keeping track of usage is useful. Enter DataMan.

iApps: The Software Suite Apple Should Create


Once upon a time, iTunes did exactly what it sounded like it should do: play music. It was the digital jukebox for your mac, Rip, Mix, Burn, remember that?

Looking at the sidebar in iTunes now, I’ve got Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Applications, and Radio, and that’s just the main library. Next is the iTunes Store and a “Purchased” smart list, the Genius feature, iTunes DJ and (finally) my custom Smart Playlists. That’s a lot to pack into one application, especially considering that many of the features have nothing to do with each other. There are very few times when I’m wanting to watch a movie that I care to look through my music collection. Music and video are two different functions, and in my opinion, deserve two different apps.
Actually, I’d like to see Apple release an entire “iApps Suite,” separating out audio, video, and applications. Strip Movies and TV Shows out of iTunes and integrate them into a new “iVideo” app, or something similarly named. Hide the video content from the iTunes store in iTunes and create a link for an iVideo store inside the new video app.
Similarly, I’d like to see Apple break out the App Store into it’s own dedicated application. Leave the functionality exactly as it is now and simply move it into its own app. There are many times that I’ve got iTunes open, most of the time just to listen to music, and have no interest whatsoever in my collection of apps. Read More about iApps: The Software Suite Apple Should Create

Apple Re-enables Promo Codes for 17+ Rated Apps


Since last year, Apple (s aapl) has allowed all iPhone developers to request 50 promotional codes for their application when first added to the App Store, a policy that makes it easy to offer free applications for trial, review or a competition. It allows easier initial promotion of an app, removing the need for a more complicated process of ad-hoc distribution or offering iTunes gift cards.

A few weeks ago, Apple stopped offering promotional codes to developers of applications rated 17+. This decision sparked controversy, with developers angry that they were no longer able to easily offer promotional copies of their software to reviewers. Read More about Apple Re-enables Promo Codes for 17+ Rated Apps