Is Cisco’s Path to Networked Lighting Via 6LoWPAN?

A wireless standard called 6LoWPAN is looking like a dark horse for helping wirelessly connect devices — from lightbulbs, to appliances — in the smart energy home and could be a good candidate to connect an end-to-end smart grid network.

Report: Smart Grid Outspends Smart Meters

Smart meters get all the attention, but smart distribution grid and substation projects are actually taking the lead in smart grid spending across the nation, and corporate giants are reaping the benefit. That’s the gist of a Cleantech Group report released by the DOE Thursday.

Cisco’s Smart Grid Plans For Arch Rock

There’s been plenty of digital ink spilled about Cisco’s purchase of Arch Rock, and its partnership with Itron. But there are other aspects to Cisco’s big smart meter push that bear some study, including the future of Arch Rock’s data center tech.

It’s Official: The Future of the Smart Grid Is IP

The debate over whether or not the future of the smart grid will be based on IP has been decided, and the victor is IP. The debate hit a turning point when Cisco announced plans to acquire Arch Rock, and also inked a deal with Itron.

Cisco Buys Up Arch Rock for the Smart Grid

Cisco’s smart grid assault continues. This morning, the networking giant announced that it plans to acquire Arch Rock: a startup which has been selling wireless network products for data centers and buildings and announced its first smart grid wireless network product based on open standards.

Software, Sensors, Partners Drive Greener Data Centers

There are many tech-paved roads that lead to reduced energy use in data centers, from software-centric solutions to those that put sensors on every server and fan. But the paths to commercializing those technologies are, by comparison, relatively few.

Viridity Software Raises $8M for Server Efficiency

Viridity Software says it can take the sensors out of data center energy management. On Thursday the startup announced it has raised an $8 million second round of funding from Battery Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners to take that idea to market.