Archos fights Kindle Fire with $199 Honeycomb tablet

Archos announced on Tuesday an updated 7-inch slate, called the Archos 70b, calling it the first Google Android Honeycomb for under $200. That may not be enough to sway consumers from the $199 Kindle Fire with its custom user interface and broad media ecosystem.

IPads for €1: French students face tablet deal deluge

The tablet market is growing rapidly — but it could be getting even more of a boost thanks to the growing number of operator subsidies on offer. The latest? A series of cut-price deals aimed at France’s large student population.

Android This Week: Nexus One Dock Arrives, ARCHOS Tablet Specs Revealed

Those who have deemed the Nexus One the best Android phone yet may like it even more now that the dock is available from Google. Not only does the phone charge while sitting in the dock, but cradling it there will automatically fire up the clock application, complete with local weather. You can even use it to run a slideshow of the pics you have stored on the phone.

But the really cool feature is the integrated Bluetooth, which allows the docked Nexus One to stream music wirelessly to the dock. Plug in some external speakers and the set-up becomes a full-fledged entertainment system. At $45, the Nexus One Dock isn’t cheap, but all those features make it worth a look.

Speaking of music, personal media player maker ARCHOS, which already has a 5-inch tablet based on the Android platform for sale, this week leaked details about its forthcoming 7-inch model . This new web tablet adds a web cam to the mix, and is expected to sell for just $245.

In the meantime, a netbook running Android has been sent to the FCC for review prior to launch. The new netbook is being produced by none other than HP, making this the company’s first foray into the Android space. The FCC filing is seeking approval for the netbook’s use on AT&T’s (s t) 3G network. So far, there’s no detailed information available as to when we might expect this to hit the market.

Tablet Specs Leaked — ARCHOS 7 Internet Tablet, That Is

The specs are here! The specs are here! ARCHOS is super-sizing its 5″ Internet Tablet and allegedly making a 7″ slate. Wait — what tablet did you think I was talking about? Is there some other one expected today that I don’t know about? 😉

jkkmobile received a tip on the latest ARCHOS creation and shares all of the anticipated technical specs. Like its smaller brother, this tabby will run Google Android (s goog), but not offer the full Android experience, which is one of the challenges ARCHOS must overcome for mainstream sales. Without key functions like the Android Market out of the box, everyday people are going to be disappointed. I realize that the challenge is that Google has certain hardware requirements for inclusion of the full Android experiences, but in the end, ARCHOS has to sell it. And yes, there are hacks and mods to get some apps, but again, those activities are geared toward a niche audience.

Aside from the larger display, this features looks much like the current model, although there is a web-cam in the bezel. No word on the processor, so perhaps it will see a bump. But I’m wishing ARCHOS would use the extra screen space to increase the resolution — sticking with 800 x 480 is a missed opportunity for a 7″ device, although it’s good enough. jkkmobile says we’ll see an 8 GB model in March for around $245.

Why Even With More Features, Archos Lags

Archos Archos last week said it has formed a partnership with the Dish Network that will allow its 605 or 705 device to be connected to a VIP622 or VIP722 DVR via USB to transfer shows back and forth. But it’s just another example of the company trying to add even more functionality to an already stocked device, while failing to provide users with an end-to-end solution.

Arhcos’ portable media players consistently rank quite high in objective reviews, and as far as I’m concerned, they are easily the nicest ones out there. Further, taking into account uninvoiced orders for its recently launched fifth-generation product line, Archos just posted a 12 percent gain in quarterly sales over the same period last year. Yet the company ranks a distant fourth in the PMP market.

It’s what Archos doesn’t do that makes all of its extras like DVR-recording and set-top box integration little more than bonus features on a player that will never hit the mainstream.

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