Arista hires a CFO, poaches a big shot Cisco executive

Arista Networks, one of the quiet success stories of Silicon Valley co-founded by legendary engineer Andy Bechtolsheim has hired Michael Lehman, formerly of Palo Alto Networks as its CFO. It has added Cisco’s SDN guru Tom Black to its team already chock-a-block with engineering heavyweights.

Cisco memo: We can’t build anything

Cisco in an internal memo outlined its plans for the changing nature of networking. It also acknowledged a $100 million investment in Insieme, a company started by three Cisco executives and that it can buy it for upto $750 million. Read the memo & what it means.

The ugly, dog-eat-dog world of data center startups

The normally staid and somewhat boring world of networking equipment focused startups is become a hotly contested minefield — thanks to the newest kid on the blog, Insiemi, a company started by Cisco veterans. Their hiring tactics have got rivals such as Arista Network hopping mad.

Cloudscaling wants to make OpenStack webscale

Cloud computing consultancy Cloudscaling is realigning its business around the open-source OpenStack framework, and it has a message for the world: If you want to use open-source software but operate like Amazon Web Services, we’re your man.

IBM launches beefy OpenFlow switch for data centers, cloud

IBM is the latest amongst a growing list of hardware makers to release networking gear based on the OpenFlow network protocol. A new 10 GigE switch is going to target cloud/ datacenter markets and compete aggressively with rivals that would include HP and Cisco.

Andy Bechtolsheim & Drew Houston to speak at GigaOM RoadMap

We are adding two new speakers — Andy Bechtolsheim and Drew Houston — to our lineup for the GigaOM RoadMap, our conference that will look at how connectedness changes everything from how we live, work, create and consume. It is being held on November 10 in San Francisco.

You don’t need to be “social” to profit from networks

It is fashionable to obsesses about the web startup phenomenons and forget old fashioned Silicon Valley startups – ones that makes hardware, writes software and along the way clocks in hundreds of millions in sales and profits. And like everything good it takes time to build one.