Video Captures Arizona Cop’s Frustration With Immigration Law

Arizona’s strict new immigration reform bill has had no shortage of detractors since its passing. Arizona police Officer Paul Dobson, in a video interview with the CuĂ©ntame project, is one of those speaking out — and may be facing disciplinary action as a result.

Apple’s Latest Retail Store Features Interesting Changes

Apple Store Scottsdale Quarter

This weekend featured the grand opening of Apple’s latest retail store, Scottsdale Quarter, in beautiful Scottsdale, Ariz. As evidenced by looking at the front of the building, this particular store quickly stands out among the rest of Apple’s retail lineup.

Hello, New Architecture

A few weeks ago, Ron Johnson was featured in USA Today discussing new changes that were coming to retail stores, including more Genius Bar space and larger tables to feature even more products. As you can see, the Scottsdale Quarter store is one of the first new retail store to incorporate some of these new design elements.

With features such as a front and rear made of all glass and a beautiful 75-foot skylight that spans the length of the store, Apple has clearly designed this location to take advantage of Arizona’s abundance of natural light. Additionally, the 20-foot ceilings and spacious entry area help to accent the more open feel of the store. Read More about Apple’s Latest Retail Store Features Interesting Changes