ARM in acquisition talks: The rumor that doesn’t die

ARM Holdings is trying to quiet speculation again that the UK chip designer might be acquired, this time by Intel or Oracle. The company has been the focus of rumors before, and with the rise of mobile devices and the slow growth of computers, it’s understandable.

Could Apple divorce Samsung for iPhone chips?

Apple may rely less on Samsung as an iOS hardware partner, as TSMC is reportedly testing new chips it’s building for future Apple mobile products. This could be due to the current lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, but even if not, it simply makes sense.

Intel Buys SoC Startup to Boost Atom’s Mobile Appeal

Intel has bought Netherlands-based, system-on-chip startup Silicon Hive in an attempt to make Intel’s low-power Atom processor more appealing across a variety of devices. The most important market will be mobile devices, but it looks like the embedded processor and server markets could be potential targets.

Could ARM Solve Google TV’s Price Problem?

Google TV-powered devices might be held back somewhat by price premiums related to the cost of materials required for the system to run. But a possible partnership with ARM Holdings could help Google’s CE partners to offer lower-cost products based on ARM chips.

Chips Don’t Lie: Mobile Is Hot

Rising demand for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming devices will push mobile processor sales past the 4 billion mark by 2014, says In-Stat. But consumers and their devices don’t just want a mobile CPU; they want integrated mobile broadband connectivity too.

With ARM Rate Hike, Its Battle With Intel Heats Up

ARM Holdings today said raised royalty rates for cores from its Cortex processor range. It’s a sign that ARM is confident it will build on its considerable momentum as our world becomes increasingly connected. With the move, the battleground of converged devices has heated up.