ARM: Smartbook Delays Adobe’s Fault

Adobe can’t get any sympathy from anyone these days. The folks from ARM are blaming Adobe’s delays getting Flash 10.1 into production as the reason we don’t see any smartbooks on the market. This delay allowed the iPad release to steal thunder away from the smartbook.

Today in Cloud

The news that ARM intends to get into the server market has me wondering how realistic the notion of a viable x86 alternative really is. More accurately, I wonder how soon any alternative-architecture-based processors will be able to steal significant market share. Intel and AMD have invested heavily in x86 and continue to do so, as have server makers, software vendors and end-users, so I suspect there will be major resistance to any such transformation. Plus, we love things to be bigger, faster and stronger, and every new generation of x86 processors fulfills this desire. The transformation will happen, but when, where and to what degree remain to be seen.

Should Apple Buy ARM?

The mobile space sometimes seems to generate more rumors than other segments, and a big rumor has surfaced recently with far-reaching ramifications should it come about. The London Evening Standard reported that Apple is considering a bid to acquire ARM Holdings. Should this be allowed?

Apple After ARM? If So, This Means War

London newspaper the Evening Standard reported a very interesting rumor following Apple’s (s aapl) quarterly financial report Tuesday. According to the British paper, Apple is in talks with ARM Holdings (s armh), the U.K. company that designs the chip used in the iPhone, along with a huge percentage of the chips found in mobile devices in general.

Google TV: Another Reason Open Sourcing VP8 Matters

Google’s (s GOOG) decision to open source On2 Technology’s VP8 video codec at its Google I/O developer conference next month is not only a huge boon for HTML5 web video and a blow against Adobe’s (s ADBE) Flash. It’s also clearly aimed at optimizing video playback on a number of devices, like the much-rumored Google TV platform as well as upcoming Android tablet PCs.
Device makers have previously expressed their frustration about the hardware requirements of HD video and rich Internet content, but VP8 could be key for Google to drive down those costs and get a foot in the living room.
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Mobile Browsing Gets Faster, But Apps Are Taking Center Stage

Three years ago, average page loads on ARM device could take over 20 seconds. Today that number is down to half that, if not less. But mobile apps are increasing in availability and functionality. Which is it for you on a mobile device: browser or software?

ARM: 50 Tablets Expected This Year

Mobile chipmaker ARM is basking in the attention the iPad is getting. ARM chips are used in all sorts of mobile gadgets, especially in the expected flood of tablets to be released this year. The company expects to see over 50 tablets in 2010.

163 Million Smartbooks In 2015 — And None With x86

The definition of a smartbook varies depending on who you ask, but ABI Research is sure about one thing — most of the smartbook devices sold in 2015 won’t have Intel inside. Here’s why the perfect storm of mobile ARM computing is coming to a head.

Today in Cleantech

As appliances get smarter, they’re going to need bigger brains. That’s the message from ARM as it lines up licensees for its Cortex M4 controller. By outfitting appliances, smart meters and home energy systems with its faster, low-power CPU, ARM envisions smart homes that self-optimize on the fly thanks to chips that are beefy enough to continually process energy data. That’s one way to expand beyond smartphones and a netbook market dominated by Intel’s Atom processor, but the payoff may be years away.